Sport and Performance Psychology

For recreational to highly competitive athletes and performance artists, sport and performance psychology can not only enhance performance, but help facilitate personal growth and development.

Psychological & MedicalConditions

Issues such as depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug addiction, chronic pain, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome - to name a few - can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Finding the blessings can allow healing to occur.

Personal Growth

If you are seeking a way to experience more meaning and satisfaction in your life, counseling can be an effective way to achieve this goal.

As an expert in a variety of areas, Dr. Jowdy can provide services to help address your psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. First, he has worked in the area of sport psychology with athletes from the recreational to the professional level. Next, Dr. Jowdy provides counseling services for people with psychological issues along with helping those with medical conditions. Finally, he offers services to help those with personal growth issues. As you review the tab, "Areas of Specialization," you will get a complete understanding of the issues he addresses.

Apolo Anton Ohno

"My journey with Doug Jowdy started when I was first blooming in my quest for excellence during my Olympic pursuit. A young, hungry and determined athlete - I was looking for ways outside of the normal physical spectrum of training to take my performances to levels that I'd not even think were possible. Often times we are faced with our own internal struggles and conflict, but understanding, and finally confronting them was a part of process towards a mentality of having 'Zero Regrets.' (con't)
                                                                                                         -Read More

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