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Depression & Bipolar Disorder Resources

Advocacy and Support Groups for Depression and Bipolar Disorder


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

(800) 826-3632
A national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with mood disorders.


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

(800) 950-NAMI

A national nonprofit advocacy group to help people with mental illness; their website includes information specific to bipolar disorder and information on state and local affiliates.

Additional Online Resources for Bipolar Disorder

National Institute of Mental Health Booklet on Bipolar Disorder
*I highly recommend this site.*

McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web

Bipolar Significant Others
*Great for family and friends.*

Mayo Clinic Mental Health Center Information on Bipolar Disorder

Guide to Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar World
*This site has a range of chat rooms.*

Robert D. Sutherland Center for the Evaluation and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder – CU Boulder
Phone: 303.492.5680

*Please make contact with me if you are looking for information on treatment centers.

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