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Presentations & Workshops

Gold Medal Mind, LLC has a range of professionals to provide presentations and workshops. I will list the services I provide in this area. Should you be interested in alternative topics that are outside of my scope of practice, I can connect you with a professional who can meet your needs.

I draw from a multi-disciplinary foundation given the depth and breath of my experiences and training. You can expect that I will make reference to the empirical studies, theory, anecdotal evidence and personal experience. My presentations and workshops draw not only upon the literature in psychology, but philosophy, religion, sociology, neuroscience, exercise physiology, medicine, and history. In the past, I have provided presentations for some of the following organizations: U.S. Olympic Committee – the Psyched at Noon Series, collegiate & high school athletic departments, parent groups, athletes at all skill levels, alcohol/drug treatment centers, psychology & music departments in colleges/university, church groups, and more.


Below you will find a list of potential presentations I am prepared to provide on short notice. Please inquire should you have a topic that may not be listed below.

  • Athletes, coaches and parents – see the Sport and Performance Psychology service pages for a list of topics

  • Understanding alcohol/drug addiction and recovery

  • Helping the family who has a loved one with an addiction

  • Adolescents and the use of opioids

  • Cell phone/technology addiction

  • Understanding depression, bipolar disorder and the most effective treatment methods

  • Navigating the mental health care system

  • The use of exercise, dietary habits and meditation as medicine

  • Forgiveness

  • Finding balance in a world slightly gone mad

  • Developing and maintaining emotional intimacy in relationships

  • Dealing with grief and loss

  • Living with chronic pain/chronic medical conditions and how the family can support their loved one

  • Suicide - all aspects 

  • Being a slave to exercise/sport, worrying about eating habits and being preoccupied with one's appearance 

  • Slowing down, sitting still, being at ease, having more time

  • Dealing with adversity, challenge and failure 

  • One way of developing more meaning and satisfaction in life

  • How we get caught up living for the approval of others and how to cut that shit out


Workshops are something that I will be offering on a semi-regular basis upon completion of several writing projects. Workshops offer the opportunity for the participants to explore their experience with the specific area in depth. The objective is for the participants to have the opportunity to make significant changes in his/her life. Workshops are not group therapy, but are meant to be therapeutic in nature.


Below you will find some areas where I have provided workshops. Please inquire should there be an area that may not be listed below.

  • Enhancement of athletic performance

  • Supporting the development of young athletes

  • Creating a growth enhancing culture in sport

  • Spiritual development

  • Men’s development

  • Identity development – finding one’s true self

  • Healing from self-criticism, perfectionism & being overly competitive

  • Recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction

  • How to live with chronic medical conditions

“Some of us have tried to hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.”

Alcoholics Anonymous (aka The Big Book)
(2001 – 4th edition) pg. 58

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