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My Approach:

Integrative & Multidisciplinary

Counseling and Sport Psychology Services

with Doug Jowdy, Ph.D.

Some of common issues include, but are not limited to: confidence, nervousness, self-criticism, getting in the zone, letting go of errors, enjoying training, overtraining (pushing too hard/not enough rest), overwhelm, unhappiness, coping with injury, conflict with coach/teammates, drug/alcohol use, and retirement. 

Some common issues include, but are not limited to: worry/doubt, inadequacy, preparation for auditions, burnout, letting go of bad performances, being overly judgmental of self, creativity, passion, efficiency, procrastination, communication, and enjoyment. 

Some of the common issues include, but are not limited to: depression, anxiety/stress, fatigue, overwhelm, suicidal thoughts, drug/alcohol use, grief/loss, cell phone/technology addiction, anger, difficulty sleeping, sexual performance, and history of abuse/trauma.

Some common issues include, but are not limited to: chronic pain, head injury, complications with surgery, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, headaches, weight management, psychiatric medications, and risk of heart disease.

Some common issues include, but are not limited to: decision making, goal setting, stress management, career choice, retirement, identity, conflict with family, caring for elderly parents, issues with parenting, values clarification, and staying true to oneself. 

Some common issues include, but are not limited to: belief systems, negative experience with religion, a higher power (maybe God), prayers not answered, spirituality, use of meditation/Centering Prayer, conflict with others over faith, and forgiveness. 

Some issues include, but are not limited to: guidance developing skills for licensure, understanding legal issues, ethical decision making, developing a practice, support of therapists with challenging client issues, research and program development.

Some issues include, but are not limited to: mental skills training in athletics, coping with injury, coach development, parent education, retirement from performance, treatment of depression/bipolar disorder, understanding drug/alcohol addiction, suicide, myth of happiness, meaning in life, faith & spirituality, adult children of alcoholics, and being true to oneself.

Dr. Doug Jowdy

Dr. Jowdy has been practicing the art and science of psychology since 1986. He considers it a blessing to join people on their journey in the arena of sport, or in the game of life. It is his passion to serve as a guide to help athletes and non athletes create a life that exceeds one’s expectations. Read more to learn about Dr. Jowdy, and the services he provides. With much appreciation!


Doug opened my eyes and in turn, helped me change my outlook on sport, business, and most importantly life. It goes without saying that with the time spent with Doug – it was the spark that really drove me towards many Olympic Medals, World Championships, all the while allowing me to understand why I was so in love with Olympic Games, and sports.

Apolo Anton Ohno /  8x Olympic Medal Winner

Dr. Jowdy has been instrumental in my psychological development as a spouse, parent, coach, and athlete. Wise, educated, and calming, Dr. Jowdy provides patient empathy, personalized support, and powerful guidance. I highly recommend work with Dr. Jowdy for athletes, non-athletes, people who are struggling, and anyone looking to improve wellness.

Travis Macy / Elite Endurance Athlete

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Lorraine Moller.jpg

Doug Jowdy is a favorite speaker at the Lydiard Foundation coaching seminars. He never fails to address the pitfalls of the warrior psyche and its tendency to overtrain and tear down performance and how to address it. Our coaches instantly recognize their athletes (and often themselves) instories from the arena that are funny and heart wrenching, and often both at the same time.  An engaging and animated teacher, Doug offers insight and wisdom to the often neglected and essential field of sports psychology.

Lorraine Moller / Olympic Medalist & Boston Marathon Winner

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Reflections on the powerful role sport plays in our lives.

"Engrave this upon your heart: there isn't anyone you couldn't love once you heard their story."

Mary Lou Kownacki

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